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The start-up research project This is my goal from today to the end of 2010. From the time at University, I loved the subject Collective Intelligence, Mind Computation a much. I still hope some day have opportunity to work with it. Now I got it. Job, the skills, the knowledge, and much more. We need the service to manage them, suggest what you can do to make career move ahead. It's not about technology, it's about the process, how can you think, methods, ... The machine is not only a tool, it need to more friendly to be your assistant. . Still a lot thing to write but I need to take a break. ^_^

The Web Evolution has just begun

From the beginning years at school, I still wonder myself what is the truth of Evolution, I have seen how change my life, like the first computer my dad gave me and from that it has changed me a lot. Yeah, the PC Intel 500 MHz with 128 MB RAM, Internet connection.using dial-up, really cool at that time, 2002. I remember the day after I had finished the first lecture about C++ programming, and try write code just tell my computer: "hey, cout<<"Hello World"; That's great thing I had done. Now, 2009 , seven years, a lot things happened, but still just von Neumann architecture computer - the hardware, the Turing computation model at the program at software. Yes, the Moore's law show the development about the speed of computation but about the nature, it's still the ideas of Neumann and Turing, that established the Evolution of Computing in 20th century. At the early 21st century, we have seen how the Internet change our life. Web 2.0, the buzz word t

History of the Internet

Nice presentation about the Internet, the best way to predict the future is look at the past. The development like the iteration of old things, Web 2.0 is the network, and the Web 3.0 is also the same one. The network of semantic information, not just data. Collective intelligence is beautiful subject. Cool , my object in this new year, 2009 is researching it !