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On Demand thinking for social media

"because the world needs more great local community groups. We want to help the world's people self-organize." I got @ Thinking about web is network, Computer is young subject in history. The demand from business in mid 20th century, to the demand for the connected world at the beginning 21st century ! So what next ? More semantic World? More "mobile" world? More digital life ? What drive our World is the demand for new innovations, so I think we can find the answer is What would you want to do tomorrow ? About me,NOW I want to use 1 platform for all media I can connect ! ^_^

Don't feed the problem

"Short iterations provide more-frequent feedback from customers than long iterations and afford the team more opportunities to reflect and improve their work practices". This picture is what I can imagine after reading this article "A case for Short Iteration" at InfoQ, you can read the original here

My thesis and story-focused analysis

Haft a month has passed, now I must focus a little on my thesis. Try to balance between work and your study is so exhausted, but we must try, isn't it ? First, I want to show some my key points in my plan for writing this thesis. My subject: research about requirement analysis document in French, got from my instructor, Prof. Trai. second, make all clear using Merise Methodology. First thing to keep in my mind that Merise have lack of practical view on goal-driven development. But it still strong, the Model of Conceptual Communication show some view in interaction between actors (user) and system, some what like Use Case in UML. Visibility in process is important for understanding what we will develop. My ideas here is use "story-focused analysis" for getting more visible in business process. The user story is just basis what user do something with system. instead of manually, you make it conceptualizing and automate all process front-end to "done". We can anal

Booch lectures and Architecture of Software

From lectures of   Grady Booch at Building a information system as well as building a house, a structure of complexity as social, or even universe. You can write a song without any note,   rhythm. All form a simple structure. Things and all their relationship between things make what we see today. Some philosophy here Now begin my summary from his lectures: Current trends in software architecture web-centric systems going back for many web systems, dynamic frameworks such as what we find in Ajax or Java Server Faces or Ruby on Rails. As we project forward we can see the beginnings of a new kind of web architecture such as surrounding the semantic web . software engineering involves the resolution of a variety of forces . There are business forces, environmental forces, development forces, operational forces, and even legal and ethical forces. building a system with a balanced distribution responsibility there's a very

photo stream

Great book from book fair I got I love this publisher, many Computer Science book here Quang Trung Software Pack, Silicon Valley at Vietnam

SOA, the new thinking in business

Download this book: SOA in Practice great book, I love this. SOA is Service of Architecture. Some people said it will replace ERP soon. briefly speaking , is about architecture of software XML , web service is more popular. and the way we exchange information is changing. I think in the near future, the SOA is main term when we talk about how to build a software. hope in my thesis , I will have opportunity to apply it in practice not just in theory. ... The key is flexibility.

time at DRD

at the end of this week, the new website of is published. working with Peter is fun, although some misunderstanding between me and Peter. It is a long story and I can't tell but I respect Peter, like my teacher, who teach me a lot. It's not just technical problems, but more than that. That 's the honor about yourself, others and about we need to think on relationship between people and people. DRD is non-profit organization, not working for business, they working for the rights for disable people. I love the job, working as volunteer at DRD, 8 months is long time. Design a software for normal use is hard, for people but they can't hear you, or see you is very hard. still a lot of thing to learn, usability is hot subject in human computer interaction. As you know, software is for human use, not for computer run. If you can visit, you can feel it not beautiful, it's so simple, right ? keep is simple as possible but not simpler, maybe i

Designing online social networks: The theories of social groups

Online communities (facilitated by Web 2.0) have become very important over the past few years - not only to niche communities, but now to mainstream brands. Social networking is about human connection and links between people. The reasons why people join groups and social networks are typically that groups can: Provide encouragement and support Establish identity with others and fulfil the need to feel included Provide the outlet for some people to establish their need for recognition, social status, control and/or leadership Alternatively, provide the necessary control over aspects of lives for those who don't want to be leaders (e.g. Weight Watchers) Help establish friends, relationships and the opportunity to interact with others Historically group membership has served an evolutionary survival function - put simply, there's safety in numbers There's been much research into group psychology but not so much about how this applies to a marketer trying to m

Lessons form Google

This post is copy from I post at my blog for the future use and I need some cookbook(@my blog) for my work Google's aspirations The Google User Experience team aims to create designs that are useful , fast , simple , engaging , innovative , universal , profitable , beautiful , trustworthy , and personable . Achieving a harmonious balance of these ten principles is a constant challenge. A product that gets the balance right is "Googley" – and will satisfy and delight people all over the world. Ten principles that contribute to a Googley user experience 1. Focus on people – their lives, their work, their dreams. The Google User Experience team works to discover people's actual needs, including needs they can't always articulate. Armed with that information, Google can create products that solve real-world problems and spark the creativity of all kinds of people. Improving people's lives, not just easing s

Hacking student info sistem at my school

Alpha version of info student at my school, Open University at HCM city. spending a lot of time to figure out how to get grade, the schedule, blah blah ... And the problem is, I do NOT have any permission on database. My solution is "PARSING HTML". it's cool stuff. You request a page with your passoword, and my job is parsing, get only some useful info, put on my site. try it, my student ID is 10460113. Using MVC architecture: View, Google Web Toolkit, nice tool for Web User Interface, Controller, ASP.NET , C# and very strong library to parsing HTML is available. Model: not thing, I just call the page @ working as a remote procedure , and Google Web Toolkit supports very strong remote Procedure Call to fetch data.
Mình mở cái topic này nhằm mục đích đem lại 1 tí những vấn đề hay trong môn Phân tích thiết kế hệ thống thông tin. Có lẽ đối với nhiều bạn, đây là một chủ đề nặng về Lý thuyết, và thường "dễ gây buồn ngủ". Nói chung nếu cái thú vị nằm ở chỗ bạn thật sự có đam mê với nó không hay thui ? nếu bạn có đam mê và hiểu được nó, thì bạn sẽ thấy cái hay trong đó. Giống như việc chơi cơ, mình thấy nó cuốn hút nhiều bạn đến mức có hẳn 1 hội cờ trong khoa mình. Nói lòng vòng mục đích chính là gây 1 tí cú hit trong việc thảo luận về các đề tài trong Database. Cái mình quan tâm hiện nay là khi phân tích các hệ thống thông tin kinh tế, các quy tắc quản lý (business rules) có thể sử dụng (reusable) lại được không ? business rules - are they reusable? Mình vô tình search được cái paper này khi đang tìm tài liệu trong khi viết báo cáo cho phân tích hệ thống quản lý nhân sự ( đồ án môn học). Thật sự đây là vấn đề khó, vì nếu bạn nào học về phân tích thiết kế hệ thống thì xác định quy tắc quản l