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The Web Evolution has just begun

From the beginning years at school, I still wonder myself what is the truth of Evolution, I have seen how change my life, like the first computer my dad gave me and from that it has changed me a lot. Yeah, the PC Intel 500 MHz with 128 MB RAM, Internet connection.using dial-up, really cool at that time, 2002. I remember the day after I had finished the first lecture about C++ programming, and try write code just tell my computer: "hey, cout<<"Hello World"; That's great thing I had done. Now, 2009 , seven years, a lot things happened, but still just von Neumann architecture computer - the hardware, the Turing computation model at the program at software. Yes, the Moore's law show the development about the speed of computation but about the nature, it's still the ideas of Neumann and Turing, that established the Evolution of Computing in 20th century. At the early 21st century, we have seen how the Internet change our life. Web 2.0, the buzz word t